Medical examinations

Routine examinations are assigned by the OMT to detect and identify work-related illnesses at an early stage. The frequency of these examinations varies according to the nature of the occupational risks to which the employee is exposed.

The medical examination may include additional tests (hearing test, glaucoma screening, pulmonary function test, etc.) The doctor may also require certain tests that are conducted outside the company for appropriate medical supervision (test for chemical substances in the blood, CT scan, etc.)

At the end of the examination, the occupational physician will provide the employee with information and advice on the prevention of risks associated with the job.

Recommended public health vaccinations and mandatory vaccinations for particular occupations are performed on site by nurses, on instruction from the occupational physician.
Anyone aged 50 or over will be offered a colorectal cancer screening test as part of a campaign to prevent the disease, organised by the Principality.

More information on how a medical examination is conducted