Do you work outdoors ? Beware of skin cancer !

Do you work outdoors ? Beware of skin cancer !
Today there are three times as  many skin cancers than there were 20 years ago. The sun causes damage to the skin and promotes the outbreak of skin cancer, especially on exposed areas such as the face, ears, forearms and legs.

Are you exposed to the sun on a daily basis at work ? Are you a gardener, construction worker, sailing instructor or urban cleaner? Then you are particularly exposed to the risk, especially if you're prone to sunburn.

Some tips to protect yourself :
  • wear clothing that provides a shield, fairly dark in colour and in a closely woven material (a denim shirt provides 200 times more protection than a white cotton T-shirt); don't forget sunglasses and a cap or hat.
  • use a protective sunscreen SPF 30 and reapply every two hours, ideally
  • don't stay out in the sun unnecessarily; take your breaks in the shade
  • see a dermatologist once a year if you have a lot of moles, and immediately if one of them changes in appearance.

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