Our teams

Our medical team

Based at the Aigue Marine site we have 13 doctors and 13 healthcare assistants who work in pairs to safeguard employees in the private sector within the Principality.

Each pair is allocated a business sector defined by type of activity (construction, chemical industry, hospitality, sanitation, healthcare, etc.)

The health care assistant is the primary contact for employers and employees in their allocated sector, and is responsible for arranging medical appointments. She organises the visit on both an administrative and medical level to facilitate the work of the doctor.

Two state registered nurses carry out the supplementary tests prescribed during examinations. They also administer vaccinations on site and re-call employees who require mandatory boosters.

Our team of professionals in Prevention of Occupational Hazards

The IPRP (Occupational Risk Prevention team) operates in partnership with occupational physicians to safeguard the health and safety of employees and improve working conditions.

With this remit they provide diagnosis, consultation and support services for companies with their health and safety responsibilities.
The IPRP division conducts various activities in the workplace:
  • company visits to identify and assess risk,
  • analysis of chemical risks,
  • ergonomic studies,
  • metrology: measurement of
    • noise,
    • temperature and humidity,
    • ventilation,
    • illumination.
  • employee awareness (noise, chemical risks, etc.)