Protecting employees

Preventative guidance on health

The medical team monitors the health of employees of the Principality through examinations and consultations in the surgery.

The frequency of these consultations depends on the type of occupational hazard, and screening exercises are carried out to detect occupational or job-related illnesses.

The occupational physician provides individual advice to employees on health care at work, and information on different types of hazard and ways to protect themselves.

The occupational physician also has a responsibility for public health: physical examinations may reveal hypertension, diabetes or other diseases in their early stages. The colorectal cancer screening test is routinely offered to people over 50. Conventional vaccination against diphtheria, tetanus and polio also come under the public health sector where there is no risk of infection at work to make it mandatory.

Assurance of confidentiality

The occupational physician is subject to medical confidentiality, as is everyone in the organisation; no information linked with a named individual, obtained during consultations with employees, can be divulged.

The data stored in the "Health at Work" records is protected. This complies with the regulations of the Supervisory Committee on Personal Data (CCIN)(Commission de Contrôle des Informations Nominatives).

Your file can only be transferred to another occupational health service with a written request signed by you.

Exchanges of information between the occupational physician and other health workers (doctors, Monaco Social Security physicians, etc) are also subject to your consent.

Experts to improve your working conditions

The multidisciplinary team comprising the occupational physician and other participants in the prevention of occupational hazards comes into the company to study your work station (analysis of ergonomics, noise studies, pollution studies, etc) and suggests adjustments for safeguarding your health.

They can provide personalised assistance in setting up your position in front of your work station screen. They also conduct sessions to raise awareness to the risks of noise exposure and chemical substances within your company.

Your occupational physician is your main contact for implementing these actions in your particular work situation.

Record of your professional life

Your medical file is a record of your working life in Monaco :
  • the companies you have worked for
  • the different positions you have held
  • the occupational risks you have been exposed to in each of these positions

Any accidents at work and occupational illnesses that you have declared are also recorded.

This computerised record is kept at the Office throughout your working life, and longer if the risks to which you have been exposed could have delayed effects on your health.

An observation on occupational health

Data from medical consultations and from the study of workplace risks, recorded over many years, make up a bank of indicators that can be used for statistical purposes to monitor the health of employees in the Principality.

Comparative studies by industry sector can be carried out by occupational physicians. They represent occupational health issues and help to monitor the effects of specific preventive actions taken to improve them, in the form of data obtained anonymously to maintain medical confidentiality.