Questions and Answers

- You will find the different types of medical examination here .
  • Your notification to attend,
  • Proof of identity,
  • Your vaccination record,
  • Any corrective lenses that you wear.

If you have had any recent illness, you should also bring your medical test results.
- There is no cost to you. The cost of medical examinations is covered by social security contributions paid by employers.
- Yes, you can ask to change an appointment by contacting the office of your occupational physician (contact details appear on your notification letter), subject to a minimum of 48 hours' notice.
- Yes, time spent at the examination is considered as working time and you will be paid for it; your arrival and departure times will be noted on your fitness note.
- Yes, the occupational physician decides whether examinations should be carried out more often based on risk, with or without additional tests (blood test, x-rays, etc.) These tests are organised by the OMT, or the employer in certain cases.
- This is a mandatory examination; it is the employer's responsibility to ensure it is carried out. It is up to your employer to apply to the office of your occupational physician for an appointment, or to ask you to do so, before returning to work.
- Yes, if the ability of your employee to do his/her job is affected, you can request an examination as long as you inform your employee ; the doctor in turn will reply in the strictest confidence with his opinion on the ability of your employee to continue working.
- Yes, you can request an appointment; the visit will be in complete confidence if no fitness note is required in respect of it. Contact the office of your occupational physician directly.
- Consultations are conducted confidentially; the only information passed on to your employer concerns  your fitness to work or any adjustments necessary to your duties. The medical reason for these adjustments cannot be disclosed.   
-Screening is carried out for diabetes, hepatic diseases (liver and gall bladder) and urinary tract diseases (kidneys, bladder, etc.)

If your job involves risk, or safeguarding against risk, the occupational physician may also look for certain toxins in your urine.
He/she will give you the information you need in order to make an informed decision about giving your consent.
-Yes, when you come for your appointment you will receive all mandatory vaccinations and vaccinations recommended for public health, or in connection with your job, free of charge. For mandatory vaccinations you will receive notification from our nurses when you must attend.
- This is a condition of his/her fitness note; the employee will be vaccinated by the OMT free of charge during his/her medical examination, and automatically recalled when it is time for a booster.
- Yes, you should attend on the appointed date. If you need a vaccination you will be given a vaccination certificate.
- Contact your occupational physician directly to notify him/her of your requirements. The multidisciplinary team will then suggest the most appropriate level of support for you.
- Visits are free of charge. Only certain goods or consumables will be charged to the company, subject to prior agreement.
- The Office of Occupational Medicine has an advisory role, there is no legal obligation to follow technical recommendations.
- For any social rights issues, please contact the Monaco Social Security Office directly.
- The organisation in charge of health care for public employees is the Service des Prestations Médicales de l'Etat (SPME)(State Medical Benefits Office).