Support for companies

An advisory role in hygiene, safety and adjustments to workstations

As part of their advisory (as opposed to supervisory) remit, occupational physicians together with the IPRP team can help you improve the health, safety and working conditions at your company in order to prevent work-related illnesses.

They are specifically trained to understand occupational hazards.

They help you to identify these risks in the various working environments within your company so that medical supervision can be best adapted to your employees.

A team that works on your company premises

The multidisciplinary team, comprising professionals in the prevention of occupational risks (IPRP) and the occupational physican, comes to your company at the request of the physician or company.

The team is bound by industrial and manufacturing confidentiality.

They analyse working conditions by employing sound, temperature and humidity and atmospheric pollution metrologies, looking for hazardous chemicals and performing ergonomic studies of workstations.

They can help you to identify specific risks in your establishment.

They also have an advice and information function, to raise awareness in employers and employees on the best prevention and protection measures to take for the working conditions they observe.

They encourage by example, holding awareness-raising sessions concerning noise and chemical hazards within your company. They also support your employees by setting up display screens ergonomically at their workstations.

You can request them to come in at any time with a request to your occupational physician.

Participation in company preventative groups

The occupational physician is a full member of the Health and Safety Committee whilst he/she is with the company. He/she attends meetings as an advisor to both employer and employees on occupational health matters.

He/she participates in the improvement of work processes and the prevention of accidents and occupational illnesses in conjunction with the heads of Quality, Safety, Health and Environment.